II. Drunk, lonely, in love.

13. února 2016 v 11:59
Hey there.

Yes, I am writing again. Seems like there's really a LOT on my mind.

My plans for yesterday made me feel better and low at the same time.

Better, because I got off my ass and had

some cider (the blackberry one),

another cider (another blackberry one)

and some vodka with orange juice.

I am not saying this to prove that I have so much fun on fridays and I am the cool girl that drinks. Haha, maybe if it was like that, I wouldn't have too much to say. Or I'd have even more, who knows.

alcohol does nothing to you. nothing bad, if you don't have too much of it. It just makes you 'lil numb which is so good at some point. I think it was exactly what I needed yesterday.

so there's this quote (i love quotes, btw)
Image de drunk, lonely, and love
and even though I haven't made it to 3 AM, I can still relate to that..


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