III. Inner me

14. února 2016 v 16:52
I decided to try to drop a line every day. Let's see how it goes.

Image de sad
Those three things make me. at this moment only, I hope. But this 'moment' starts to seem like it doesn't have an end.
I am actually suffering from depression. Better to say it right away so next time you'll understand why I am going crazy about stuff others barely notice. If I knew what to do about it, I would. I don't have much strength, to be honest. I leave things incomplete, on the halfway, and never come back to them. I am that kind of a person that smiles on the outside and cries on the inside. That sometimes just hates herself for no special reason. That's a really great problem, in my opinion.

Cause sometimes I am really ok and people even ask me how do I stay so happy. it just appears. Sometimes out of the blue, sometimes when I am in love.
And now I am in love and sad.
That kind of sad which feels like hollow.
There's nothing on the surface.
And so much underneath.

should we keep :) then?

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