IV. Wounds

15. února 2016 v 21:41
Where should I start today.
I hate when I get this impression of nonsense, because either there is no way back or it is really difficult.
I wanted to write about questions. About the fact that maybe there is some connection between how happy and fulfilled you think your life is and the frequency of asking them. Simply put, if you can't handle your life, you will struggle with it every day. I mean EVERY day.
What's the point of all that?
Why do I seem like the only one to wonder about it?
How can people just live their life from one day to other without stopping and asking themselves: "What's that all for?"

Because they say love is the main motivation.
And I believe it. It's one of the few things that I keep believing and would fight for it. It is. Remember, when you do certain things? You consider in your mind how your family or loved one will be proud of you for doing it. Maybe it is gonna make them feel better. Or you do it simply for yourself - which I admire - but it's still a matter of love. Love for yourself, not any less important than love for someone else.

I guess I won't come back (too much) to how much I miss the sense of love in my life.. because this time it starts to even look optimistic and I don't want to ruin it.

the current situation
of my motivation
considering it's based on love
it that
i am hurt by the absence of it
from the one I can't have
and what's even worse
I fail to find within myself
(maybe it's just under the chaos of last years... yeah)
Just a quote, wouldn't recommend it to anybody, wounds will heal and you will try another time*

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