IX. Things I do for myself only

21. února 2016 v 16:49
Dammit, včera jsem zapomněla napsat článek. A vzpomněla jsem si někdy po půlnoci, takže by se to stejně nedalo počítat. A kdo to tu vůbec počítá..
blurred cities are my favourite kind..
a tohle mi většinu nocí svítí nad hlavou.
So. I am pretty sure we all can think of at least one thing that we do just for the sake of it. Not to say that we can do it, not to impress, not to show off. Something we just secretly love doing, something we find so much joy in that we don't even need any more rewards and profits.

learning languages
That is definitely one of my biggest passions. I just kind of love everything that has something to do with foreig languages. The very process of learning something new. How new words get into your head and you are suddenly able to use them in real converstations. English is obviously not my first language, not even second, but I do my best to use it properly. It's been little bit overshadowed by French for about six years and unfortunately it is noticeable in the way I write. But I don't give up and hope the point is still clear.
Sometimes, it's because I like the culture, sometimes it's just the sound of the language that gives me the first impulse.
Kolik jazyků umíš, tolikrát jsi člověkem.

music, especially singing
Oh sure I wouldn't mind to be a pop-star (or more likely acoustic-songwriting star), but I enjoy doing music that is not heard as well. It's such a good filter for all of the things and emotions I keep inside. First, it's a great way to express yourself, when words aren't enough and then, I gives you relief. At least it does to me.

dancing around
Quite a long time I was in a dancing group, but didn't like it very much. I enjoyed dancing itself, but the atmosphere during dance classes wasn't at all agreeable. Instructors often told us that we don't perform well enough and that was just demotivating. For this reason they also made just very simple choreographies for us that weren't much creative or expressing. I started to realize that I don't like it this way and quit the group.
But I love dancing so much. It's the main reason why I go to parties or clubs - because there will be a good music and plenty of people to dance with. Dancing with someone is a great icebreaker. I just feel myself when I dance. I am suddenly not that shy (and it's not because of alcohol), it's like I found my place. We don't jugde each other while dancing, we don't have time for that for being all lost in our own worlds. I find that really magical. When I want to get to know someone closer, I invite him to a dance party. So far I feel like it works.

writing my head/hands/soul out
I think I don't have to tell you how important is all this writing thing to me. Sure, I could've kept my thoughts in my head, but I like them more when they're put well together in front of me. I find some strange connection with people that have the similar taste for words. The ones who make the conversation flow no matter what it's about and understand all of my shortcuts, invented expressions.. and even sometimes complete them, untill we have our own language that is not distinctive only for me or them, but for us.

Maybe it shouldn't even be on this list. Maybe everyone sees it this way. Reading for pleasure, for enjoyment, that's my favourite reading. I love books that don't necessarily have a clear storyline but instead just captivate you with their words..

Okay, I think I should get back to "work". Have a nice Sunday and enjoy your little pleasures, too!

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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