V. A reminder

16. února 2016 v 19:27
So here's basically what I've done for today:

Went to school. First two lessons moderately boring, the next two real nonsense... because I am tired today, I guess.

Then the last two lessons, we had English and went to a café near to my school instead of the classroom. And that was fine. I first wanted to order juice with vodka but then I got realistic and had a cacao :D Don't know what it is about the idea of drinking making you feel better. it won't happen in majority of cases, actually.

I got home, read a bit and had a nap. What an adventurous day, don't you agree.

'Cause I could have gotten to bed earlier last night.
I am so not over someone. I mean, how could I be, when
the last time we spoke was yesterday. Just telling each other that we're sorry
it was a week ago that we made clear we can't make it with one us in love and other not
about a month ago that we spent all evening talking just like close friends (that we used to be) do
three months ago that we
ok, stop it.
Image de mountains, coffee, and nature
Why this is call a reminder... well, I feel as I've been floating around lately, ignoring time that doesn't stop just because I refused to notice it.
I am actually in the last year of my high school.. there are exams to do. There are universities to submit admissions to. About four moths of summer holidays to organize. And a driving licence that I should finally get done 'till summer.

wish me luck.*

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