VII. Safe

18. února 2016 v 22:09
Tbh with you, I don't have the slightest idea what I am going to write about.
Image de book, reading, and Dream
that's how I picture a perfectly spent time. Lately. I' ve been doing nothing and I really don't mind it, it just doesn't look good in motivation letters.

I would like to share more but it's difficult because sharing is a matter of finding the right person in the first place.


I still just feel like going out together and talking quietly without even looking too much at each other.

But what happened, happened.

why safe?

I am not sure how this all will go. But I feel protected, in some strange way and I know I will find the strength again once I'll really feel like, too, but not any earlier, which is so good to know.
in other words, I will take my time to recover from you, first.

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