XI. I love nights

26. února 2016 v 23:24
Or late evenings. It is my absolute favourite part of the day, I'm pretty sure. You can do so many things, freely, plan your time, waste your time, enjoy and value your time.. just how you wish. I love doing things just how I wish.
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Definitely. Today I enjoy spending time on my own. I didn't get much sleep last night so I am just kinda recharging, but I also found some time to
•watch a documentary on North Corea - i am strangely fascinated by this country. i think about how it manages to function and the advantages that it actually has (no i am not promoting it, but we all know and are taught that it's bad, so here's some less mainstream thought). People living in there and sharing their views actually seemed to cherish what they have.. I know, it can be just well played or said because of fear - i would understand that - but it came out really genuine and I was surprised by that. However, this doesn't change the fact that the society there is hugely manipulated (but if we're looking at it from this point of view, we must admit that we are, to some extent, as well)
•watch a movie called Ex Machina - and it totally made my mind blow. It's just so strange, unnatural, yet so close, these technologies that will create humanlike beings. I am kind of scared of that, not because of a popular scenario "they will take on the world" but just because we're here doing what no one did before and what we couldn't even have imagined ten years ago. it is scary and very challenging, it brings an enormous responsibility and many ethic and moral issues. It will be really difficult to handle, if not impossible. Let's just hope we won't mess it up as it happened with other human inventions..

so that's on spending time alone.

But I also spend time with people, don't worry. I have some good friends that can keep and understand the silence. Don't you just love when you don't have to say anything and you can just enjoy the presence of the other person?
I do. Moments spent in silence gave me more than all the words we have spoken. Because you can't have those moments with anyone. That's how you know that you match, I guess :)
have a great evening and all!

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