XXVI. Those perfectly fine feelings

27. dubna 2016 v 15:45
i am by myself and that's ok
i am not exactly single, but i don't wanna date you and and that's ok

I just think that I feel too much and nothing much at the same time.
That I don't want to jump from one think into another. In fact, I don't wanna jump at all. I quit jumping. I'll go roller-skating instead.
You're that type of guy that is way too old for me, and that didn't really get the idea of me being single af. Which means I want to be this way. For a month. Or for today. Maybe I'll meet someone tomorrow and that will change my mind completely. But now I just want not to have this other person caring too much and having expectations.
Sorry not sorry
Image de boy, love, and hangover
I think I'll continue kissing bottles. This way, the kiss is exactly like I want it. And there's no one wanting me to involve in a relationship afterwards.

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