LIII. Some things are not even a question

1. září 2016 v 22:21
Hi, hun

so I got back from Norway. And if I felt like writing in Czech while I was there, today it's the opposite feeling.

The most comfy and relaxed first day back, I would say. We spent our last days /again, this expression, oh/ in Norway enjoying the capital - Oslo. Really liked it. I was there once before but I didn't get the feeling that I like the city that time. Now I do. It has something to it, it's just completely different from what I usually look for in places.

So we departed from our hotel at about 2 in the morning and I have to tell you, I felt really bad. I was actually shaking... just because of one thing - not enough time on my own. It really matters to me, and even though those people really matter to me to, I still felt like the balance is gone and the time I've gotten is not enough.

I managed to put myself in a better state of mind and enjoy the city. I was just mad at my boyfriend for not letting me get enough sleep - wait, I have a boyfriend.

Still feels quite incredible. The evening we got together, I was craving for a little contact, for a singularity and I got much more. I was thinking to myself - this is what it feels like to kiss a person that you have actually affections for. Nope, never been there before. I mean, I kissed people (boys), but it always felt kind of... nothing. No expectations, no magnetism bw/ the two of us, just kissing because that's what people do in the end of the date, right?

This feels mostly just right. And I'm really sorry for this one word, but that's what you get for love rising in such different conditions including a girl who is kind of depressed.

Anyways, he made me feel great when I felt just okay and okay when I felt down. I love him. I just cannot tell him. Not yet. I know it because I think too much about it and then the words just don't come out and I give up trying, look at him and hope he understands. It's a little bit too early anyway.

It's about time to get back to my life in Prague. I'm dying. My arms hurt. My back hurts and my legs hurt, too. I estimate I could have walked about five hundred kilometers there (sometimes when I wish to care, I come from one to six hundred kilometers..). So now I should get some sleep, maybe read a bit (that's what I intended to do when I got home, but you know, computer).

No more strength to write. I'll finish my croissant with nutella, maybe play some dress-up games (I'm really weird) and go to bed.

bye for now (kinda missing my bf)

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