LXVI. You're such a sweetheart

23. října 2016 v 11:22
I've been feeling incomparably better for about one week. Even too happy, I'd say. Like too excited and too energised, or maybe I just forgot how it feels to have the strenght to do the things you love to do!
such as dance - I've learnt about ten new steps for dancehall
or read - I am at this point again when I borrowed like 15 books from my local library just to have a smaller library at home and be able to pick whatever genre I want
hang out with friends - just discuss everything and enjoy nice drinks and food, play board games etc.
watch and actually enjoy movies, yay
be able to talk to my bf without these overwhelmingly bad feelings
so yeah,
this feels nice

I got my AD prescripted but I didn't start taking them yet
But it's nice to know that there's an option like that for me,
whenever I might feel like I need to start

If you allow yourself to look for help and focus on your healing,
things get much better
Image de asia, cherry blossom, and japan

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