LXXXXIII. Baby, they don't know

31. ledna 2017 v 21:46
I haven't seen Kate since then. And, you know, if it's only because of those two weeks, why she dropped it completely?
Am I too laid back, too unemotional again?

I visited two of my ex-classmates in Brno. They have it pretty good. I don't like the way I sometimes am. Irritatable and irritating.

How can I tell my friends that I'm just not sure if I'll want to see them by Thursday? Oh, really. Because on Saturday, I spent most of our time together on my phone and i felt like shit but i needed to stay this way i guess. Stay in shape haha.

I am also trying to put together my schedule for next semester. I am pretty excited about that.

Image de room, home, and light
and yeah, I won't have therapy for a month or so. I really hope I won't go crazy by then

hugs and kisses

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