LXXXXIV. Can't make u come back.

3. února 2017 v 20:14
It's been a week.
I think I'm too young to be this stupid. Finding myself in someone's else's arms. Loving it.
How would I feel if I had a boyfriend that does this to me? People ask. Well, crappy. But it's not me who has a gf. I am single as fuck. Why should I be responsible both for me (check) and for you?

Okay, if you join this line of people who came into my life like a tornado just to leave a few months later... that would suck. Not in my suicidal mood today, hah. I know I can find people and like people and feel so much but sometimes the batteries are just kinda off, I start to feel sick after almost every bite and I just cannot force myself enough to be there.

Whoa, that was funny. You take me to your apartment where it's messy as hell and it turns out that you sleep on a mattress on the floor. I know by that time that I cannot eat or drink anymore. I had too much, overdosed again. And yeah, made myself pretty sick, to the point where I am about to faint.
Image de aesthetic, free, and pastel
I want to make everything as bad and absurd as possible, but I can't. See, what's wrong? I'm supposed to be done by now, I mean, to feel awful. And I do, for a moment. But then, it's just not needed anymore. The absurdity is gone and there goes the time that had never existed. Because when I recall any of that, I am pretty sure that it's only in my head and you won't even remember. Thanks for not letting me.

Today is plain
like a white wall

Which would be ok but I have to write a paper which is 7 pages long. FML.

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