XCVII. Oh he treats me with respect

21. dubna 2017 v 0:00

I got fired. Not sure if for the first time or maybe that had happened to me already. With my quite irresponsible attitude, who knows. I am listening to some Lily Allen while "composing" this hence the title, and it may also explain my mood a bit.

I feel like that's no catastrophe. I cannot stop it now, no amount of apologies will put me back to the point where I could do anything about it. I just have to live on. Find another job. Enjoy life. Improvise. Write until someone gets interested. Until I do.

Image de anime, sky, and blue
Is she going up or down? You'll never know. Life is crazy magic. It's a mess, but things happen for a reason. Maybe this will lead to something else, maybe not... I'll definitely end up somewhere anyways.

Not sure where I stand with people. I kept talking about me and my not-so-secret-crush for more than half-an-hour to my therapist. I told my therapist about you. Must mean we're damn serious. Well, it might look so, with all those kisses and sweetness. I really care. No matter the bad timing, fuck that shit. Let's go (get hit by a tram)

Yeah, I love the people that run on the same irony/sarcasm/self-deprecating jokes. Today was really good. I feel really good, once I don't have to try hard to be all positive and sunny on the surface. We have shades, let's mix them and make cool colours.

Shit got me really inspired.

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