CX. Nobody is gonna care

29. srpna 2017 v 23:11
Even before I start, I can tell how unfair this is. I have people showing care almost every day. Somehow I just feel left alone too many times.
Image de girl, art, and drawing
For example, I just don't know how long this is gonna last. Somehow I feel sad looking at your pretty face and realizing I got nothing out of it. 7 times or so. Somehow I do like hanging out with you and cannot keep still for one day when I don't hear from you. It's an obsession, scares me how close and real we got.

Also, what do you love me for? Silly jokes, the attitude, the spark? I sometimes feel like I don't have much to give. I am a simple girl when it comes to it, I try to move further but I stumble and fall and complain. Meanwhile, all of my (girl)friends make progress in their lives, pursuing their career, getting ready for the next semester, being responsible and adult human beings. Not me. I observe, quite fascinated, but also frightened as hell.

What do I have? What do I do?


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