XCV. The Pressure is Real

7. listopadu 2017 v 13:30
Oh. My. God. Running late, waiting for green lights impatiently, coat flowing around my hips, barely providing me with enough warm to hang out and breathe one, two, three times more.
Image de girl, blonde, and indie
But breathing cold air does not help when you're ill as fuck and in addition, not even zipped up because who cares. I hate returning to that teary state of mine, where every inconvenience can make existence seem as hell. The awareness of the origins of that bad feeling, being too rough on myself especially on days when I would need more neat approach, doesn't really help.

Why feeling bad when you can just feel sad? Well, to me, it is more irreparable, longing, demanding.

Nevertheless, enough of bad shit. I am just too puzzled to stay consistent as thongs things (haha, Ria) have been falling on my head for quite a few weeks.

The positives stay there, I just treasure them too much to put them "on paper" (on screen if you wish).

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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